The small caravan that feels like a tent

Do you like being surrounded by nature? Do you want a complete rest but also enjoy the outdoors and your freedom?

Of course, camping is your way to get away from it all for a bit. We have designed the Shelter for true campers: for those who like to get out and about and want to stay in different places during their trip. The Shelter is based on simplicity, with that little bit of added luxury and comfort.

We would like to invite you to discover where your adventure begins.

Determine your own direction

As a true camper, you look beyond the horizon and go a little bit further than others to discover your ideal holiday spot. The Shelter has been designed to follow you no matter where you go.

It has perfect towing features, which make it very pleasant to travel with this small caravan. The Kip Shelter has a light-weight structure and maximum mass of 750 kg.

With the Shelter you keep your freedom! You will find it easy to drive along high mountain passes, picturesque villages and narrow country roads to your favourite destination.

Lightweight, Compact and Durable

Max. mass



Empty weight



Total width



Enjoy the comfort

Do you like camping and enjoy the outdoors, but prefer a little bit of added luxury and comfort? The Shelter will give you that special feeling of camping in the outdoors.

It will help you set up your place to stay in no time. A few minutes after arrival you can propose a toast to an unforgettable holiday together.

After a great day enjoying the environment you’ll fall asleep contentedly in a comfortable bed, while outside the campfire gradually goes out.

A camping holiday at its best!

Quickly set up

Sleep comfortably

Various extras

What kind of camper are you?

You decide how adventurous your holiday with the Shelter will be! View our models and decide which Shelter suits you best.

Shelter Basic

Shelter Basic

Are you a camper with a true outdoor mentality? If so, the Shelter Basic is your perfect choice. Camping as it should be, with only your basic needs provided.

Shelter Plus

Shelter Plus

Do you prefer a little bit more comfort? If so, the Shelter Plus is better suited to you. The standard elaborate kit of the Shelter Plus will meet your needs.

Shelter Offroad

Shelter Offroad

Do you like to go off the trodden path? Real wild camping by a Scandinavian lake is just the thing for your. With the Shelter Offroad you can go into the wild.