About Kip Shelter

Kip Caravan, for the true enthusiast

The Shelter is built by Kip Caravan in Hoogeveen, the Netherlands. Kip Caravan is the only caravan manufacturer in the Netherlands, and represents 80 years of caravan experience. With our focus on the future and respect for our past, we design and build new caravans for people who love camping and have an eye for quality.

KIP Shelter: Your Compact Caravan up to 750 kg

Within the Kip organisation, the Shelter Team is responsible for the development and production of the different Shelter models. Our many years of experience in the development and production of touring and poptop┬ácaravans provide the basis for the development of the Shelter. This allows us to build a product which meets all the requirements of today’s demanding true camper.

Kip Caravan Full Service

In addition to development and production, Hoogeveen also has facilities for maintenance and winter storage for Shelters. These services add up to an all-round package, which means we look after everything and you can make the most of your camping holiday.