Sports packages


A holiday is not just about where you are, but also about what you do.
To us, the Shelter is more than just a place to stay. It gives you an opportunity to take your sense of freedom with you to your destination.

At last you can take your scooter or motorbike with you on holiday. Do you like cycling and bicycle racing, or are your more of a surfer?  For all these activities we have developed special packages,

which make it easy to transport your equipment safely and securely.


The extra wide access door makes it easy to put your touring bike, racing bicycle and mountain bike into the Shelter.

The sofa can be folded, which creates lots of extra space.

By means of the specially designed bicycle package you can keep your bicycles secure, safe and dry during your travels.

  • Bicycle stand
  • Connecting rod
  • Special fitting eyelets in the floor


A great solution for the motorbike enthusiast. Take your motorbike with you! The Shelter offers you a great way to do so!

The extra wide door offers enough space to move a motorbike inside. The motorbike package has everything you need to move your bike inside and safely secure it.

Head out on the highway… Lookin’ for adventure …!!! Yeah darling go make it happen!!! Born to be wiiiiild!!!

  • Foldable ramp
  • Wheel-lock
  • Special fitting eyelets in the floor


As a surfing enthusiast you want to make sure your boards survive the trip undamaged.

The Surf & Kite package, designed specially for the Shelter, allows you to transport two boards without any problem.

All your equipment will be safe and well protected.

  • Rails for putting the boards into
  • Soft rubbers to protect the boards
  • Special fitting eyelets in the floor

Wide door provides
easy access

Foldable sofa gives
lots of extra space

Special fitting eyelets
in the floor

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Can be viewed at various locations in Europe