Technical Specifications


Efficient layout

The Shelter has a very efficient layout for both living and sleeping. The large bed of 200 cm length and 170 cm width is very easy and quick to set up.

Under the bed ample space remains for example to store bags. The bed is converted back to two sofas and table in an instant.


There is ample storage space in the Shelter. At eye level there are six convenient and spacious cupboards. These are opened and closed with ease through the use op push locks. The doors hinge at the bottom, which prevents contents that may have moved from falling on the floor.

On the floor, at the backside of this compact caravan are another two cupboards, one of which has a drawer. All the doors are made op HPL, a scratch and wear-resistant material that ensures a like-new look of your Shelter for years.


The sturdy floor of the Shelter is comprised of several layers. The years of knowledge and experience of Kip Caravans ensures an optimal combination of strength, weight and insulation.

The basis of the floor is made of water-resistant, impregnated plywood. On top of this a reinforcing frame is attached. The 22 mm styrofoam with closed cell structure ensures optimal insulation. The Plus and Offroad models come standard with 80 W/m2 electrical floor heating. The floor is finished with high-quality extra durable vinyl, which is easy to clean.



Unique to the Shelter models is the option of designing your own exterior print!

The walls, with a thickness of 28 mm, are comprised of aluminum sheeting, wooden framework, styrofoam insulation with closed cell structure and interior finishing.

This construction has a moisture-regulating effect, which prevents condensation.


The roof of the shelter consists of two parts; the fixed part and the elevating part. The elevating part of the roof is 150 by 135 cm. Furthermore, the poptop is insulated with 20 mm styrofoam.

The roof is covered with hail-resistant polyester and has a total thickness of 26,5 mm. Between the elevating part and the fixed part is tent fabric by the high quality brand De Waard.


The chassis of a Shelter is an AL-KO lightweight system chassis. The innovative design of this chassis ensures a low weight. On the chassis an AL-KO Euro axle is mounted with overrun brake and a maximum allowed weight of 900 kg.



See the image on the left for the most important dimensions.

Storage space

1 Open cupboard  23 x 30 x 61,5 cm
2 Closed cupboard  48 x 36,5 x 57 cm
3 Kitchen cupboard  27 x 45 x 73,9 cm
4 Drawer  61,5 x 30 x 18,1 cm
5 Storage space under sofa  115 x 55 x 35,5 cm
6 Storage space under sofa  115 x 55 x 35,5 cm


1  Top cupboards side  67 x 30 x 18 cm
2 Top cupboards front  88,5 x 53 x 18 cm